Hello and welcome, I am Nick Pearce a full time professional photographer and creative.

As a Virgo I am synchronised to the bio diversities of our planet be it the land, sea or air from the plants, animals, insects, fungi and micro-organisms. I spend much of my time with camera by my side wherever I may be in the world ready to capture those special and intriguing moments that we all love to enjoy along the way. It all started from an early stage in life when I was first smitten by tiny insects and from here my inquisitive side led me to watch, study and be interested with all the other forms of nature. 

From a child I have always been and continue to be a passionate dog, cat and animal lover-owner. Our ‘best friends’ mean so much to our soppy souls as much as our fellow human family members. Being a young creative and wanting to follow an artists career from my early days of school would study then pencil draw my subjects however I was steered towards technical drawing and became an engineer as the reality of earning a wage became priority over my thoughts of becoming the next Picasso!

Along my photographic journey and career I have had the pleasure, opportunity and skills to cover weddings, wildlife, family portraiture, product and food photography, events, band photography, journalism and motorsport. I would class myself as a true freelance with creative vision being able to adapt to any given subject, being offered a brief then follow it through from conception to completion by applying my friendly but professional way of going about things.