Hello and welcome, I am Nick Pearce a full time professional photographer and creative.

Throughout my career I have been rewarded the pleasure and opportunity to cover weddings, wildlife, portraiture, live events, live bands, branding, advertising, journalism and motorsports, a freelance with creative vision.

As a Virgo I am synchronised to the bio diversities of our planets flora and fauna. I spend much of my time with camera by my side ready to capture that special image. First smitten as a child with insects from here the inquisitive side of me led me to study other forms of nature & wildlife, expanding to the human form.

As a child I have always been a passionate dog lover-owner. Our ‘best friends’ mean so much to our soppy souls, for me as much as our fellow human family members. From an early age I connected with my creative side so would study then pencil-charcoal draw my subjects. My wish was to end up an artist however as my education progressed I was steered towards technical drawing and became an engineer as the reality of earning a wage became priority over my thoughts of becoming the next Picasso!

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