Our wedding film takes on a different approach to the traditional style. Gone are the days where a two or three hour tedious movie is forced upon the post wedding video party ……….”hey guys why don’t you come around and watch our wedding movie!” our hearts sink here in the studio when we hear this little gem.

Producing a ten to twenty minute cinematic style film to a piece of music that you choose and a style that fits with your wedding Craig will work his post production magic to render you a beautiful piece of footage supplied to you on the wedding usb that you choose with your stills photography (we don’t do DVDs).

We can of course film the ceremony in the more traditional manor for you to treasure in time. So here is a short clip taken from a recent wedding to see how yours can look and shall be adding other wedding styles as time goes on.

So get in touch and let us document your day or two with high definition stills and cinematic film.